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Trading the ODDS: where traders are bettors


Many people think that trading is like gambling. Traders in fact can be considered as expert poker layers because every day they have to deal with what may or may not happen in the market in which they are trading. Stock market, currencies, economy are like game of chance and as such they are subject to the… Read more »

Under/Over Goal Betting Guide

Man betting on the casino

Betting on football does not always have to mean betting on the winner. Sometimes your research may reveal a trend that can be exploited by entering one of the many other markets available. One of the post popular bets amongst regular gamblers is the Under/Over Goal bet. This bet is attractive as it does not… Read more »

Top 5 Rugby Betting Markets

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Rugby Union betting is on the rise thanks to the wealth of statistical resources now available. Bettors can now enjoy in excess of 60 markets on every top Rugby Union clash from around the world. To help you get to grips with rugby Union betting, here are five of the most popular markets. Match betting… Read more »

Popular Horse Racing Bets

Race for the prize of the "Den molodegi" in Pyatigorsk,Northern Caucasus, Russia.

There can be no denying that horse racing and betting go hand in hand. From the punters in the paddock to the bookies on the billboards – every aspect of the sport is influenced by gambling. If you are a planning a trip to the racetrack or are going to watch a horse race on… Read more »

What Is Arbitrage Betting?


Every gambler craves a system – a sure-fire way of making a profit with a simple mathematical formula. However, despite the hundreds on voices on the internet claiming to have the golden ticket to sports wagering profit, proven betting systems are somewhat mythical. That’s not to say that you cannot make a profit from sports… Read more »