Top 5 Rugby Betting Markets

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Rugby Union betting is on the rise thanks to the wealth of statistical resources now available. Bettors can now enjoy in excess of 60 markets on every top Rugby Union clash from around the world. To help you get to grips with rugby Union betting, here are five of the most popular markets.

Match betting

Home win, away win or draw? It’s your call. The Match Betting market just requires you to predict the final outcome at a set price.

Handicap Betting

The straight handicap market is designed to put the teams on a level playing field by applying a point handicap to the favourite. Once the handicap is applied, the price for each team to win should be identical.


  • Waratahs (-8.00) 1.90, Draw (-8.00) 23.00, Sharks (+8.00) 1.90

In the example, the Sharks have been given a +8 advantage, so if you backed them and they lost by 7 points or less, your bet would still payout. If you backed the draw, the Waratahs would have to win by exactly 8 points for your bet to payout. If you backed the Waratahs, they would have to win by 9 points or more.

There are other handicap options including 2-way handicaps which are set at half points e.g. +8.5 to eliminate the possibility of a draw. The ‘Alternative Handicap’ market allows you to choose your own handicap level for either team at adjusted prices.

Under/Over Total Points

The bookmaker sets a total point score line and you have to predict if the final score total will be over or under this amount.


  • Under (41.5) 1.83, Over (41.5) 1.83

As you can see, the totals line is set at a point where the odds become identical. You must use your research to decide which outcome has the best chance of occurring. This could be affected by many factors including weather, injuries and venue.

Win Margin

Most bookmakers offer a wide range of win margin options. All you have to do is predict that the winning margin will fall within a certain range such as 1-12 points or 13 points or more. Narrower margin spreads are also available as well as half time and exact winning margin options.

First Team to Score

The first score market gives you the option to back which team will score first. You can also bet on what type of score it will be and what position will score first.

First try scorer

As well as predicting which team will score first, you can also bet on which player will score the first try. This bet can be placed on the entire match or just the second half. In addition you can also bet on whether the first try will be converted.

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