Why You Should Use Odds Comparison Websites?

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If you do not use odds comparison sites but still bet on a regular basis, the chances are you will have probably come across one or more of these sites already. You may have even had a browse through their pages and then navigated your way back to your favourite betting site without fully understanding their purpose.

What are odds comparison sites?

These websites are basically online portals that lead you to multiple bookmakers’ websites. They include a range of tools that enable you to quickly and easily compare the prices offered by the featured betting companies across a range of markets. When you first start gambling it may not be clear why these sites exist when you can just go to a bookies website and place your bets directly, especially when the prices on offer are often very similar.

Why use odds comparison sites?

The reason that they do exist is that by taking advantage of the small price differences between different betting companies, smart gamblers can maximise the return on every successful bet that they place. Some bettors can increase their yield by 10% or more simply by using odds comparison sites. The price discrepancies may appear small but over the course of a year they can make a huge difference to your betting balance sheet.

How do these sites work?

Once you spend a few minutes browsing, it will soon become clear how these sites operate. In fact, they are very similar to many betting website with a list of sports and sub-categories to choose from, and then a list of markets.

Once you find your desired market, you can then search for the best price in that market. To make this easy for your, the best prices are normally highlighted or bolded to catch your eye. If you select that price you will be prompted to log in to the relevant betting website to place your bet. It may now have occurred to you that you need to have an account with as many bookmakers and betting exchanges as possible in order to be sure of getting the best price.

To make things even easier, you can choose to have the odds displayed in the format of your choice. You can even check what direction the price has been moving in.

An essential part of the gamblers tool kit

The simple fact is that by not using an odds comparison portal, you are losing money. If you are happy to place all your bets in one place and take less profit every time you win then you are probably not cut out to be a successful gambler. To make a profit from sports gambling you need to maximise every profit opportunity and minimise your losses. On top of all that you need to spend a lot of time researching statistics and developing a strategy. If you are going to all this trouble, then it makes sense to invest an amount of time in finding the best prices. After spending an hour or so opening accounts with half a dozen bookmakers, your life will actually be easier. You can simply go straight to the odds comparison anytime you want to place a bet and be sure of getting the best price.

The other advantage is that you will not be placing all of your business with a single bookie. Some betting companies can actually limit your account if you win too much, too often, so spreading your money around is actually a good betting strategy.

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